20 Awesome photography blogs

Inspired by a recent post at 10000words.net, I decided to put together a list of 20 awesome photography blogs for the month of October. Did we miss your favorite? Please share it in the comments.

1. DaveBeckerman.com

2. QuirkySanFrancisco.com

3. Iced-Coffee.com

4.Tom Sheehan Photography

5. Mused

6. AbsolutelyNothing


8. Wink

9. Digital Polaroids

10. 360degreez

11. Someday Somewhere

12. Eyes Wide Shut

13. Urban Views

14. Subjektiv

15. Vanilla Days

16. Optical Distraction

17. 19 Seconds of Spring

18. Digital Apoptosis

19. Fourteen Place To Eat

20. 1965 Monochrome

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6 thoughts on “20 Awesome photography blogs

  1. What about mine?! kidding..
    Thanks for this list – it’ll be fun to check this absolute wealth of material out when I get home tonight!

    ***Sorry about that…so many great blogs, so little space to write about them. Love your site, though. Will definitely bookmark for future reference!***

  2. You missed a really significant one, and I’m sure you must be aware of it. . .Daily Dose of Imagery by Sam from Toronto. It’s daily, high quality, and long lived. Quality remains outstanding.

  3. Seattle DP – Thank you for the lead on Toronto. Not sure if you read my recent posting, but we have expanded the “20 Awesome Photography blogs” concept into a larger project to highlight specific cities/photographers. While researching for the initial posting “20 Awesome ….”,there were so many great photoblogs a large, more defined project seemed like a no-brainer. Yesterday, we featured Seattle, the first of my cities to be featured.

    Thanks again for dropping in and commenting!

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