20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Vancouver BC

Welcome photography blog lovers to the 24nd installment of “20 Awesome Photography Blogs”, where we showcase some of the most interesting photo blogs and talented photographers from great cities around the world. We also try to aim for a variety of photographic styles for your viewing pleasure. From our last stop in Bangalore, we head to the Pacific North West to Vancouver, BC.

It has been quite a while since our last installment of this popular feature, however, it is our plan to get this project going. Not sure about the frequency of new installments, but more to come!

Since our first “Awesome” installment, the RSS feeds and email subscriptions have soared with each new posting. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for promoting our project by linking to each installment and helping to spread the word!  All Digg, Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon love is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged!

As I’ve stated in previous postings, this list is compiled in no particular order. First, I compile a list of 30-40 (sometimes more) region specific photo blogs…then go through the process of reading each photographer bio to ensure they have significant ties to the selected area and finally, whittle the blogs down to 20. Trust me, this is no easy task.

For this installment, I have relied heavily on the search engines…never realized there were so many amazing photographers in the Vancouver area! Please understand there were many, many great photographers…but we only have room for 20 per installment. However, if you have a favorite photo blog you’d like to share or perhaps would like our viewers to be made aware of your fine photography blog, by all means talk it up in the comments section below!

sleeping couple

Nick Westover

thats hot before last call

Before Last Call

tommy zablan

Tommy Zablan

peter llewellyn

Peter Llewellyn

Robert Shaer photography blog

Robert Shaer

b roll photography blog

B Roll Blog

alex waterhouse hayward

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

douglas williams

Douglas Williams

Kris Krug Photography

Kris Krug

cute baby photo

Erin Wallis

mocking bird photo blog

Mocking Bird

andrew doran

Andrew Doran

Vancouver Biennale

Vancouver Biennale

jackie connelly

Jackie Connelly

keep it surreal

Keep It Surreal

tyler ingram

Tyler Ingram

jeremy lim

Jeremy Lim

vancity allie

Vancity Allie

Shoot you in the face

Shoot You In The Face

off leash

Off Leash

Supercharge Your Photography Website

find your perfect camera

10 thoughts on “20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Vancouver BC

  1. Amazing photo blogs, so those are entry for Vancouver? They are pretty good in taking those pictures and I am much impressed. I bet it’s not as easy as you pick this 20 remaining picture from 30-40 pictures to choose from. Even a single entry wasn’t an easy task to pull out. I love how they do it!

  2. hey, thanks for this list. like you said, it’s great to be able to see all the awesome photographers work. Keep up the good work.

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