20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Manila, Philippines

Greetings and welcome to the 11th installment of “20 Awesome Photography Blogs” as we continue to highlight photo blogs and photographers from cities around the world. The interest level and support continue to climb with each new posting. Thank you for promoting our project and in helping to spread the word! From our last stop in Paris, we head to the lovely city of Manila, Philippines. Thanks again to the global support for our project!

Have a favorite photoblog you’d like to suggest? Please share it with us in the comments!

1. Richard Yulo Photography Blog

2. Aleli Photo Diary

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3. Manila Freelancer

4. The Unlawyer

5. Senor Enrique  – Wish You Were Here

6. Pinas or Bust – Cedric Valera

Pinas or bust on Flickr

7. Photoblog of Razener

8. Fiat Lux

9. Side Mirror Shooting

Side Mirror Shooting

10. Changing Perspective

11. My Manila – Adventures in Photography

Pal Alfonso photographer

12. Photography by Hubert Pacheco

13. Vignettes

14. Christoph Grandt

15. My Manila

16. Manila Photojournalism

17. Imagine Nation Photo

18. Photographer on the Run

19. Life is Short

20. Dreamworks

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23 thoughts on “20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Manila, Philippines

  1. hi! thanks for added sidemirrorshooting in the 20 awesome philippine photo blogs, but i would like you to know that the url linked to sidemirrorshooting is incorrect… it actually points to fiatlux….

    i hope you can correct this :)

    Thanks again!

  2. wow, i was going through some of the things Gmail marked as spam and saw your email to me just today. thanks for featuring my old photoblog here. i appreciate it.

  3. Oh. Wow. Thank you so much for including me in your list — this is an awesome surprise! Gosh, and I’m not even an amateur photographer.

    I hope you don’t mind if I grab your header image so I can put a link to you in my blog. Nice to see some of my favorite City Daily Photo bloggers in your others lists too.

  4. Dennis – anytime. thanks for checking in. see you back soon!

    Hilda – loved that you incorporated our logo into your site. now that’s what i’m talking about in helping to spread the word! thanks a bunch

  5. We stopped in Manila (not for long enough to see any sights unfortunately) on our way back from Boracay. Now there’s somewhere to take pictures, it was a paradise. I will visit the Filipino people again soon. Much love

  6. thanks for sharing these photoblogs.. i admire them.. im hoping that my photoblog will be tagged as AWESOME too.. LOL

  7. Hello fellow photogs,
    I’m planning a visit to Phils this Jan 20th for some photo shoots. I’d love to link up with some fellow photogs for some walk abouts in Manila/Makati and do some possible studio work as well. I’d like to rent the studio while there. If anyone is interested in linking up please shoot me an email.
    Thanks, Jean-Lafond

  8. Fantastic array of shots! There’s that beauty of our craft that even words cannot say or describe. Cheers to all!

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