20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Los Angeles

Welcome to our photo blog project, “20 Awesome Photography Blogs”, featuring photos from many great cities and photographers around the world.  We’ve received an overwhelming reception with this project due to in large part to the amazing photo blogs, but also from referrals and links from many of you. For those that have done so, thanks a bunch. If you are enjoying what we’re doing with this work, please help us spread the word! After the tremendous reception we received yesterday with the Chicago photoblogs, I am excited to feature the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Due to the constraints we placed on ourselves from the beginning of this project, only 20 photoblogs per posting as permitted. However, if you have a favorite or my your own photo blog, kindly share it with us in the comments!

1. Photo Urbanist

2. The Portrait of Karma

3. Pretty Ugly

4. Inside Celeb Pics

5. Passengers

6. EVrange

7. abandonwonderland

8. Elissa Merola

9. Jen Patton Photography

10. Moments. Photography by Dan Zukowski

11. Still Alive

12. Jason Christopher

13. My camera is BIGGER than yours

14. i shutter to think

15. Discarted

16. Ted VanCleave

17. sjpettersson

18. Photo La Causa

19. Day19

20. Photography on the Run

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12 thoughts on “20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Los Angeles

  1. Wow, #1 on the list. The PhotoUrbanist is truly honored to be included among such great company. Many Thanks!

    The PhotoUrbanist

  2. Holy moly, this is a great collection of LA photography talent – and it looks like I’m only a year behind. ;) This has inspired me to finish a project I have been working on: to “merge” my blog and portfolio sites. Thanks!

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