13 Great Photo Blogs You Will Love

For your viewing pleasure, I have listed 13 Great Photo Blogs You Will Love. These are photography sites I frequently read for ideas and inspiration for my writing as well as personal photographic interests. This collection of sites cover a variety of topics, not limited to digital camera reviews, photography and lighting tips, marketing, posing secrets and much more.

If you have a favorite photography blog you’d like to share, I encourage you to share it with us in the comments section. Enjoy!

  1. Lighting Essentials for Photographers
  2. Photobiz-In Focus
  3. Amy Dunn
  4. DPReview
  5. Your Photo Tips
  6. Shutter Sisters
  7. Photo District News
  8. Chris MacAskill
  9. Joe McNally
  10. Photopreneur
  11. Traveling The Journey of Light
  12. A Picture’s Worth | Photoshelter
  13. Cutcaster’s Blog
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