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Issue 11 of PHOTOGRAPH magazine celebrates the power of movement, from the strength and elegance of African beasts, to heading across town via public transportation, to the muscular physicality of dancers, to traveling across the country and documenting it all in black and white.

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The Endless Elegance Lightroom Film Presets Collection

The Look That You Want & Your Photos Deserve!

endless elegance lightroom presets

Now you can give your photos the character, charm and timeless elegance found with film, with the convenience of digital & the simplicity of Lightroom!

As digital photography has taken over the photography world, many have been left desiring a practical method to emulate the romantic, soft and classic feel associated with film photography.  Although many presets may come close to replicating the look of film – most simply miss the mark.

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Creative Retouching Essentials In A Day eBook


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This interactive eBook is for you if you are beginning your journey into the professional Beauty & Portrait photography retouching world. You don’t need to waste your time learning all the tools and panels Photoshop has to offer, if you only want to master or improve your photo retouching skills.


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Best Digital Cameras of 2014

‘Tis the time of the year to list the best of the best, our top digital cameras selections for your review. To make our list, each camera has to have the certain something which separates it from the crowd. These are the best digital cameras we’ve checked out. Be sure to check back periodically to see if any new models have made our list.

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